The Irish Draught Horse Conservancy Incorporated

The Irish Draught Horse Conservancy, Inc.

Our Mission

The Irish Draught Horse Conservancy is not a registry. The Conservancy is a charitable foundation comprised of breeders, veterinarians, scientists, and breed historians from around the world who are dedicated to the conservation, preservation, and protection of the Irish Draught horse breed.

The Conservancy's main aims are:

To facilitate communication between Irish Draught Horse breeders and enthusiasts world wide, to educate the public about this endangered breed of horse and its contributions to domestic animal diversity and Irish cultural heritage, and to provide administrative and financial support for education and conservation projects which may further the goals of the Conservancy globally.

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Other News:

Royal Dublin Society representative Elaine Breen's presentation to the IDHC's First Annual Irish Draught Horse Breeder's Roundtable is now available. This file is 7.1 MB so may take some time to download if you are on dial-up. Click here to go to the download page.

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